Entradas (Small Plates)

  • Fresh produce is seasonal and may vary throughout the year.
  • LG Product classified as being low gluten, containing no more than 20 parts of gluten in a million (ppm). Please note that we can’t guarantee an allergen free meal as we do not operate in an allergen free environment.
  • V Vegetarian friendly. Generally accepted vegetarian option. Excludes red meat, chicken and seafood.
  • LF The dish does not contain any ingredients that have a high lactose content inc. cream, milk, yoghurt and soft cheeses.  However foods that contain dariy may be present.  For example hard cheeses and milk solids.

Funky Mexican Basket of Fries


Crispy fries dusted with chilli powder and a side of chipotle mayo.

Crumbed Jalapeno Poppers (V)


These 3 flavoursome poppers are whole jalapenos stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese served with sour cream.

Fiery Jalapeno Squid


8 bite size pieces of squid, coated in a jalapeno crumb and served with a side of chipotle mayo.

Fresh Guacamole (V, LG, LF)


Funky guacamole is our house specialty! A combination of fresh avocado, tomato, onion and green chilli sprinkled with coriander, a squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt, all prepared at your table and served with corn chips. Perfect for sharing!

Chicken Taquitos (LG)


6 crispy tortilla rolls filled with herb marinated chicken, topped with lettuce, feta, sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole.

Crumbed Chicken Wings


5 tender chicken wings coated with a crispy crumb, sprinkled with sesame seeds, watercress and matched with a chipotle and honey sauce.

Combinado Dip (LG)


A selection of our house guacamole, picadillo and refried beans served with crispy corn chips, topped with feta cheese, dusted Mexican chilli powder. Great for a group!

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