House Specials

Char-grilled Smoky Tender Pork Cutlet (LG)


Orange glazed pork cutlet topped with pineapple salsa, served with popeye rice and side salad.

Annato Char-grilled Chicken (LG)


Flavoursome char-grilled chicken marinated in annatto spices and guajillo sauce, topped with pickled onion and a sprig of watercress, served with popeye rice, guacamole, refried beans and a side salad, sprinkled with feta cheese.

Tex-Mex Char-grilled Rump Steak 250g (LG)


Char-grilled rump steak topped with an enchilada, feta cheese, sour cream, guacamole, a side salad and a serve of fries.

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